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A unique consulting and product based ‘Model Driven Development Approach’ to build more flexible architecture and by linking of models to other domains such as quality and change management to ensure that products meet the requirements and more flexible design resulting in less cost to repurpose products.


More than ever before, clients looking for products tailored to their specific needs to gain the competitive advantage and by being early to market with the most personalise user experience and quality.Today’s significant innovations are coming from the interconnectedness of smart products. Datamato can help companies transform to Continuous Engineering practise by providing capabilities, tools and services that are applied throughout the lifecycle and tailored to address industry-specific challenges. This transformation helps improve productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs, raise quality, provide greater safety and more efficiently demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards.
How Datamato can help:
1. Expert consultancy services can help clients achieve the traceability across development lifecycle and enables continuous engineering.
2. World class tool set from IBM IoT Continuous Engineering portfolio to ensure the model based system development approach is implemented at the client site.
3. IBM Continuous Engineering tools will be stitched together to establish a platform for reuse, collect data and innovate the new systems for faster time to market and gain competitive advantage.
4. Unique mix of products and services to adhere to the compliances like ISO 9001, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR ,MISRA to obtain competitive edge over other.

Solution Function

1. A Model Driven Development approach to build more flexible architectures, and allow better definition of requirements at all levels of the systems.
2. Linkage of models to other domains such as quality and change management to ensure that products meet the requirements and implement the desired architecture.
3. More flexible design resulting in less cost to repurpose products.
4. Less labor cost to manage change in architectures across the entire development team, including suppliers.

Solution Advantage

Key Capabilities of IBM Continuous Engineering Solution:

Engineering insight: use integrated tools and lightweight data integration to break down the silos of information.

Continuous verification: shift traditional end-of-cycle verification (and validation) as early as possible, and repeat them often to build in quality from the beginning.

Strategic reuse: intelligently reuse product engineering artifact. Implement product line engineering to maximise reuse potential.

Another key advantage is the depth and breadth of the overall IBM offering for providing an end-to-end solution, including data analytics, performance monitoring, asset management, customer sentiment analysis, cloud and IoT protocols.


At the core of Continuous Engineering are three concepts. The first is to provide engineering insight through unlocking access-to and understanding of engineering data, regardless of source to enable the right decisions at the right times. The second is the continuous verification of requirements and design at all stages of the product lifecycle to prevent rework and achieve faster time-to quality and the third is strategic reuse across the engineering lifecycle to increase design efficiency, engineer product lines, and tame complexity. With these principles, clients can start infusing continuous engineering into their product development. As a deliverable solution, Continuous Engineering leverages a foundation of integrated products, practices and services, targeting clients who develop smart, connected products and the complex systems that include them.The primary products include DOORS® Next Generation, Rhapsody, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and the Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM). The solution can be extended with a wide variety of third-party products from the Continuous Engineering Ecosystem of partners.

Challenges Solved

1. The Cost to develop new products and services.
2. Regulatory reporting takes too much time and costs too much money.
3. Trailing competitors in the ability to deliver innovative products to market quickly.
4. Economic/competitive climate demands reduction in product development costs.
5. How to meaningfully participate in the rapidly growing IoT Need to derive additional revenue from existing products.
6. Managing increasing design complexity.

Solution Components

  • Rational Team Concert
  • Rational Quality Manager
  • Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager
  • Rational Method Composer 
  • Rational Publishing Engine 
  • Rational Rhapsody
  • Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software 
  • Rational Rhapsody Architect for Systems Engineers 
  • Rational Rhapsody Design Manager
  • Rational Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers 
  • Rational Rhapsody Developer 
  • Rational Synergy 
  • Rational System Architect 
  • Rational Test RealTime 
  • Rational Software Architect Standard Edition
  • Rational ClearCase
  • Rational ClearCase and Multisite
  • Rational ClearQuest
  • Rational Lifecycle Package with ClearCase (Version: 9.0)
  • Rational Performance Test Server (Version:9.1)
  • Rational Functional Tester
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Rational Performance Server
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 6.1
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 7
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 8
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 8.5+
  • IBM uBuild
  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns
  • IBM UrbanCode Release
  • Rational Application Developer Standard Edition for WebSphere Software
  • Rational ClearCase Change Management Solution Enterprise Edition
  • Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution
  • Rational DOORS
  • Rational DOORS Web Access
  • Rational DOORS Web Access Reviewer
  • Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • Rational Team Concert Developer
  • Rational Test RealTime 
  • Rational Lifecycle Package
  • Rational Performance Tester Extension for SAP Solutions
  • Rational ClearCase Multisite
  • Rational Software Architect (Version: 9.6)
  • Rational Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation
  • Rational Test Virtualization Server
  • Rational Test Workbench
  • Rational Test Workbench Mobile Edition
  • WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 8.5+

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Datamato Technologies is an end-to-end technology service and solutions provider with expertise in DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Consulting & Security. As IBM’s Platinum Business Partner with offices in USA & UAE, our work is defined by quality, integrity and customer satisfaction to cater to today’s rapidly changing, high demanding and dynamic business environment.