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Change & Configuration Management

What is Change & Configuration Management and its impact on Project Lifecycle?

Change & Configuration Management are important aspects in Project Management.
Change management helps in capturing the changes involved in Projects. Change Control is focused on identifying, documenting and controlling changes to the project and their baselines.


Configuration Management helps you manage changes throughout the lifecycle. It lets you visualize the progress and supports you in rollbacks. Configuration Control focuses on the specifications of both the deliverables and the processes involved in Projects.
Elements of Configuration Management are:

• Version Control
• Baseline and release information
•  Audits and Review
• Documented Process
• Build, Integrate and Deploy Scripts

Why is Change & Configuration Management important?


Change & Configuration Management is vital especially in complex projects where multiple prototypes are to be designed. They are best fit for environments where timeline and cost are crucial. Configuration Management ensures that the current design is completely recorded and can be referred to during critical issues. Change Management ensures that all the changes in Projects and in their baselines are recorded. It minimizes resistance, increases engagements, improves performances and reduces costs.

 Configuration Management

Which tools to use for Change & Configuration Management?


There are various tools used to achieve the concept of Change & Configuration Management. DATAMATO suggests IBM Rational Team Concert best fit for the job. IBM Rational Team Concert is widely used by organisations to capture and manage changes in Project. This tool has ready to implement templates for multiple scenarios and is mature enough to handle multiple circumstances. With huge experience and skilled Technical Team in DATAMATO is ready and equipped to provision Ration Team Concert as per your requirement and environment. Our Team can also consult and suggest any customizations required.

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