End to End DevOps Solution V1.0

The collaborative solution with an end to end project management capabilities designed to accelerate time to market and better response system.



 Control on the flow of product/application development has been a demand of organizations for many years. IBM end to end DevOps can help you take control of your process. Robust requirement management capabilities to track down changes in requirement at any point of time in the project, managing product timeline is now easy for managers. It helps you keep a track of team activities and meet deadlines. The set of tools is seamlessly integrated with each other which can help you link test artifacts with other engineering artifacts. Rich traceability provided by these tools among all engineering artifacts makes it easier to track down project activities at the unit level. Deployment and Release management capabilities come integrated with a toolset to perform deployment on enterprise environments. In short words, IBM DevOps governs end to end product (software) delivery lifecycle. Continuous engineering and continuous delivery using IBM DevOps helps development to adjust project plans and priorities, helps business to manage changes in release plans. Collaboration is kept at the heart of IBM DevOps which basically gets everyone headed in the same direction. As an idea or business need evolves into the product, ALM is a fundamental concept underlying in IBM DevOps process. We at IBM have adopted DevOps company-wide and it continues to evolve. IBM DevOps is One Team approach which combines product management, design, development, deployment and release management

Solution Function

  1. A Compact and resourceful automated solution for all stages of the software lifecycle. Orchestrated, scalable distributed automation and consistent deployment feature across the multi-tier environment.
  2. Collaborative release management solution to plan, execute and trace complex release through every stage of the software delivery lifecycle with impact analysis and process visibility.
  3. Seamless integration of all PLM and ALM software products to deliver quality output with clear visibility.
  4. A wide range software lifecycle traceability and tracking with the report and comprehensive dashboard functionality.
  5. Continuous integration of activities provided by various team and sequential execution as per plan

Solution Advantage

  1. Optimized package to collaboration, communication and verify requirement throughout the development lifecycle.
  2. Collaborative software solution to manage project plan and tracking, software changes and configurations.
  3.  Effective test management capabilities to test business and test objective with estimated test efforts on every stage of environments. 
  4. A continuous phenomenon to develop, test, build, deploy and manage the environment for small to complex day to day changes efficiently.
  5.  The constructive approach to carry business requirement accurately till production with an automated deployment with quality gates and approval mechanism. 
  6. Release management with visual release pipeline, manage deployment plan and federated release dashboard. 
  7. Dashboard and traceability of lifecycle in all domain facilitate quick and real-time decisions making to stakeholders.

Solution Components

  • Rational Team Concert
  • Rational Quality Manager
  • Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager
  • Rational Method Composer 
  • Rational Publishing Engine 
  • Rational Rhapsody
  • Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software 
  • Rational Rhapsody Architect for Systems Engineers 
  • Rational Rhapsody Design Manager
  • Rational Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers 
  • Rational Rhapsody Developer 
  • Rational Synergy 
  • Rational System Architect 
  • Rational Test RealTime 
  • Rational Software Architect Standard Edition
  • Rational ClearCase
  • Rational ClearCase and Multisite
  • Rational ClearQuest
  • Rational Lifecycle Package with ClearCase (Version: 9.0)
  • Rational Performance Test Server (Version:9.1)
  • Rational Functional Tester
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Rational Performance Server
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 6.1
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 7
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 8
  • WebSphere Application Server – Base Version 8.5+




  • IBM uBuild
  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy
  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns
  • IBM UrbanCode Release
  • Rational Application Developer Standard Edition for WebSphere Software
  • Rational ClearCase Change Management Solution Enterprise Edition
  • Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution
  • Rational DOORS
  • Rational DOORS Web Access
  • Rational DOORS Web Access Reviewer
  • Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • Rational Team Concert Developer
  • Rational Test RealTime 
  • Rational Lifecycle Package
  • Rational Performance Tester Extension for SAP Solutions
  • Rational ClearCase Multisite
  • Rational Software Architect (Version: 9.6)
  • Rational Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation
  • Rational Test Virtualization Server
  • Rational Test Workbench
  • Rational Test Workbench Mobile Edition
  • WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 8.5

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