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DevOps Solution

Devops is a practice derived from agile and lean practices which organizations thriving to achieve faster and quality delivery , will not ignore to adopt into their process. Adopting DevOps enhances or pushes the overall software lifecycle to a next level of optimization providing greater benefits such as reduction in cost , faster to market and all this without compromising the quality . Moreover Devops enables the scope to be able to continuous monitored and improvise where possible throughout.
IBM UrbanCode is a framework tool that helps you adopt and implement Devops into your existing as-is process and be able to leverage all the benefits from the DevOps practices . IBM UrbanCode focusses on deployment automation and release management process of the software lifecycle but can be extended to any practices such as Continuous testing etc.

DevOps with Datamato

Adoption of DevOps must always be tailored fit and can overkill the whole purpose of adoption if it did not fit the organizational needs . This can lead to wastage and can impact in many ways . Datamato’s expert team will design and customize the DevOps implementation as per your organizational needs . Datamato’s Devops assessment team will deep dive into your existing solutions and will come up with comprehensive reports  followed by implementation approach before getting into  action.
Datamato is one of the few IBM Business  partners promoting and implementing IBM UrbanCode across worldwide since its inception . Datamato has tons of experience in helping organizations leverage the maximum from the vast out of the box features that IBM UrbanCode offers.

Datamato’s Devops expert team can customize solution to integrate your legacy or home grown application with IBM UrbanCode for continuous deployment and release. See a list of Plugins or utilities Datamato has developed  that integrates tightly with IBM UrbanCode. 

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Datamato Technologies is an end-to-end technology service and solutions provider with expertise in DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Consulting & Security. As IBM’s Platinum Business Partner with offices in USA & UAE, our work is defined by quality, integrity and customer satisfaction to cater to today’s rapidly changing, high demanding and dynamic business environment.