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Problems Faced in Healthcare Domain

Time-consuming, error-prone and tedious processes.
Poor IT infrastructure leading to inefficient and ineffective patient care – dissatisfied and angry patients.
Processes leading to compliance challenges.
Poor inter-department coordination due to lack of channel or system.

Tracing the history of patients is an issue.
Majority of time consumed by understanding history on repeated visits.

High waiting time and no management of visiting patients.
Complicated setup – difficult to navigate.
Time wastage due to repeated history on every visit.
Redundancy informal procedures and processes


Simplification of processes.
Effective compliance
Simplified reporting.

Targeted treatment.
Quality healthcare outcome.
Capacity Enhancement.

Service availability.
Efficient queue management.
Enhanced care standards.
Improved health outcomes.
Effective and Efficient service delivery.

Resource Optimization.
Cost Optimization.
Better Decision Making.

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