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What is IBM Cloud Private?

It is a special cloud platform that can run on your own infrastructure. The IBM Cloud offers scalability of the cloud but reliability of personally controlled environment. It is a pre-packaged enterprise-class solution that runs behind the security of your own firewall. With IBM Cloud Private, development and administrative teams share a flexible cloud environment to create new microservices-based applications, modernize existing apps using cloud-enabled middleware and securely integrate the two.

The private cloud enables companies to customize their environments based on their business needs and security standards.  While it provides the flexibility of the cloud to the enterprise for ease of use, it ensures that companies get enhanced control of their environment, better performance of their assets and predictability of the associated cost.

The IBM Cloud Private is built on Kubernetes, Containers and Cloud Foundry. The open-source framework used to build the ICP enables easy deployment and ease of use to variety of users. It comes with common services for self-service deployment, monitoring, logging and security, as well as a portfolio of middleware, data and analytics.

Create new innovative cloud supportive apps

Modernize your existing apps on cloud

Integrate multiple services to the cloud

Why IBM Cloud Private?

IBM Cloud Private can enable businesses to achieve exponential growth by developing innovative, competitive and scalable apps at great speed without hassles. It also ensures that organizations can integrate newly developed solutions with existing data, apps or processes. ICP also enables administrators to manage the dynamics of cloud while adhering to compliance and regulatory requirements. Some key features that make adoption of IBM Cloud Private easy and beneficial include:

  1. ICP has been certified for primary infrastructure (server, network and storage) providers like Dell, NetApp, Cisco, Lenovo, IBM Power systems and IBM Z.
  2. Designed for seamless transition – ICP compliments the IBM cloud by providing consistent runtimes, services and management capabilities to minimize friction in transition to public cloud.
  3. ICP allows companies to innovate quickly and realize business value much faster
  4. ICP provides flexibility and freedom to exploit services from multiple cloud providers.

DATAMATO holds immense expertise in Cloud computing, ALM, DevOps, IoT and Security. We will help you with End-to-End management of the IBM Cloud Private from installation & configuration, cloud administration, container management to running application services and can assist you in thriving the benefits of the Private cloud.

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