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What is the Internet of Things and why is it getting important?
Where is IoT in today’s business world?
Want to turn your ‘things’ IoT driven?
Not sure where to start?
Unlock the IoT potential with us and Transform your business with our solution approach
Our approach is simple and will help you to achieve evaluated understanding & reimagining yourselves by connecting various scattered dots & visualize efficient, robust, smart IoT-enabled environment. We help you to start small yet gaining quick returns in production.

connected devices + cognitive computing = disruptive industry transformation.


• Design the solution focusing on the end user and their experiences to design the solution.
• Identifying the hardware/devices comprising the solution to reliably collect the data.
• Follow a build-test-learn approach
• Simplifying by having less-is-more approach
• Device management with platform provisioning
• Performing predictive + cognitive analytics with caveat of real time processing.

IoT of your data

The truly transformative use of the Internet of Things is to combine structured and unstructured data with cognitive analytics.

Datamato IoT

Connect & Define

Planning your IoT catered & tailored for your business needs

You can choose the application/process which is critical to your business and is human dependent as well in the current scenario irrespective of the operating system. We follow our approach to connect, understand your business needs & offer quick mechanism to discover your IoT needs & solutions, accelerating your time to market with low risk and maximum ROI(Return On Investment).

Technology driven-Business Driven-Strategy driven


Identified business pain points | Benchmarking analysis | IoT Roadmap mapping desired business outcomes | User specific business process transformation | POC plan |

Datamato IoT

Develop Build & Visualize

Implementing your IoT along with secured solutions

Our offerings include engineering solutions  that deliver capabilities, smart & connected IoT products supporting business transformation, rapid development & deployment of production.


We develop the solutions and structure your data in form of dashboards and reports helping you visualize even the dark and unused data. These dashboards help to show anything from micro level to high level information. We also help in customizing the information as per the requirement and making sure right people get the right level of access and information visibility. Moreover, dashboards and reports are real-time updated and accessible from any location. Enterprise Integration & enable analytical models to generate business insights

Assets are Iotized-Data Platform-Analytics


Iotization of your devices, connectivity, security | IoT Platform for data storage & device management | Predictive, prescriptive & cognitive analysis

Advance Analytics

Analyse & Predict

Support services & maintenance to realise value of IoT

We help you take advantage of advanced analytics and M2M interface to increase your operability, reliability, robustness, uptime and achieve operational shift. Prescriptive maintenance will help you achieve reduced costs & outages resulting in reduced downtimes. All the alarming situations and the alerts will be captured & notified to you to avoid any operational issues. We ensure smooth running of IoT in your company via integrated operations platform, enterprise information, process management and IoT platform support services.

Device & Platform management- Data Analytics- Service management & process automation


Controlling, measuring & monitoring | Platform hosting & support | High performance analytics

Become Cognitive

By helping you automate your previously manual data & enabling integration with your current systems/applications.


Cognitive technologies make it possible to make sense of vast amounts of IoT data to better understand what’s happening — more deeply. Infusing intelligence into systems and processes can help you increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, uncover new business opportunities, and mitigate risks and threats proactively.
It is not possible to manually analyse huge data the ‘things’ generate and that is where IBM Watson comes into play.

Cognitive Analytics

IBM Watson

The Watson IoT Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service on IBM Bluemix® designed to simplify Internet of Things development so you can derive more value from your IoT data.
By combining data, analytics and cognitive capabilities, IBM Watson uncovers different possibilities and reinvents the way businesses are conducted.

Secure by design

Get peace of mind when you use an IoT platform with security built in by design. The Watson IoT Platform is built on the highest standards of security internally and has been audited by a third party firm to ensure compliance specifically with ISO 27001. The platform extends the same grade of security to applications that fully leverage available security features.

Advanced Security

IBM has Advanced Security capabilities that extend Watson IoT Platform with Threat Intelligence for IoT. Customers may now visualize critical risks in the IoT landscape and create policy driven mitigation actions to automate operational responses for IoT devices at scale.

Security controls

The Watson IoT Platform offers configuration and management of Roles, enabling controls to be defined for users, applications and gateways.

With IBM Watson, Decision-Making is Easy

One of the reasons why top businesses prefer Watson is because it can make profound, meaningful relationships across unstructured data. It goes even further: Watson weighs the intent, tone, and context, and then supplies the relevant answer. This is just one feature of Watson Engagement Advisor service. Businesses find this service very effective, especially because it can quickly adapt to the way humans think.

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Datamato Technologies is an end-to-end technology service and solutions provider with expertise in DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Consulting & Security. As IBM’s Platinum Business Partner with offices in USA & UAE, our work is defined by quality, integrity and customer satisfaction to cater to today’s rapidly changing, high demanding and dynamic business environment.