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Casestudy Autosar- Datamato

Large Indian Multinational IT Corporation

Datamato’s relationship with this client goes back to late 2013. The client started with acquiring limited licenses, more as a way of checking out the capabilities and value-add the IBM tools brought to their business. Datamato, by providing free services to start with and then later on implementing various successful Proof-of-concepts (POCs), was able to highlight the true potential and value-add IBM tools and related process brought. This resulted in increased adoption of tools across AUTOSAR SBU.The end-results being year-on-year there was a visible uptrend in number of IBM licenses being procured by the client. Culmination of the process being in 2015, wherein Datamato successfully pitched-in with token-model as preferred licensing mode to the client and ensured a lock-in for next 3 years.

Business Needs/Pain-Points :

  1. Requirement Management:
    • a)No formal way of capturing and versioning requirements
    • b)Lack of traceability, leading to missed requirements and delayed Product-development. Root cause being, no tool integration across life-cycle activitie
  2.  Complexity
    • a)Poor quality products due to higher complexity and dependency on decentralized / geographically distributed team.
    • b)Management Visibility or lack thereof:  Challenge to get a snapshot of entire development efforts at any given point-of-time.
    • c)Plethora of tools/technologies being used.
    • d)Management complexities for product-variants at different maturity status and accompanying difficulties in propagating fixes across variants.
  3. Optimization opportunity in:
    • a)Change Management
    • b)Defect Management
    • c)Project Management and
    • d)Process-Governance
  4.  Limited code re-usability

Solution Components

  1. IBM Rational suite of Products, including but not limited to:
    • a)Rational Rhapsody
    • b)DOORS Next Generation  (DNG)
    • c)Rational Team Concert  (RTC)
    • d)Rational Quality Manager (RQM)
    • e)Rational Publishing Engine
  2. Consulting and Services support – for implementation, execution, and reporting, to effectively leverage IBM CE tools
  3. Training : On-Job (OJT) and Hands-on

Solution Approach:

  1. Provided IBM CE software tools and services for entire development life cycle
  2. Helped the client to implement new requirements management, Change Configuration management and modelling system – based on IBM tool components, as mentioned above
  3. Conducted focused session on IBM Continuous engineering for customer audience at customer-premises, to ensure that all concerned resources have understanding and awareness of available tools and the same can be effectively leveraged to achieve the objectives
  4. Provided implementation and execution services for the client to have work-flow based logical, multiple development phases – stitched together with appropriate quality-gates and requisite validations

Solution Benefits:

  • 1. Requirement coverage increased by 25%
  • 2. 17% increase in overall efficiency, because of end-to-end traceability and improved team communication
  • 3. 26% increase and uptrend captured in Project Visibility, thanks to IBM’s real time dashboard and the required customization implemented/executed by Datamato
  • 4. Continuous verification of requirements and design, at all stages of product lifecycle led to fewer defects and hence lower rework-efforts, thus achieving faster time-to-market, with enhanced quality
  • 5. SCM activities like, source-code Check-in/Check-out performance increased by 21%
  • 6. Total Development efforts, including lower rework time – reduced by 15%
  • 7. Strategic re-use across the engineering lifecycle to increase design efficiency and tame complexity

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Datamato Technologies is an end-to-end technology service and solutions provider with expertise in DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Consulting & Security. As IBM’s Platinum Business Partner with offices in USA & UAE, our work is defined by quality, integrity and customer satisfaction to cater to today’s rapidly changing, high demanding and dynamic business environment.