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Largest Telecommunication in Middle East

Largest Telecommunication in Middle East

The client being one of the fastest growing telecom in Middle East was looking to enhance its delivery model most importantly the legacy application used within Telecom domain. These applications are tightly integrated and their release process needed to be improved in order to meet the business demands. Datamato ran an assessment within the environment and created a phase based maturity model. To begin with, Datamato automated the deployment process for critical applications which includes the most complex ‘Siebel CRM’

Business Needs/Pain-Points :

  1. Legacy telecom based applications with complex deployment process
  2. Complex Siebel CRM deployments taking most of the environment teams’ time.
  3. Sometimes, deployments needed to follow a sequence since most of the applications were integrated.
  4. All request of deployment / package are tracked through email
  5. Rollback of deployments fully manual
  6. Pro-active monitoring of Deployment is missing

Solution Components

  1. Datamato developed a plugin for Siebel CRM achieving 100% automation.
  2. Created utility components to map with the legacy applications deployment process
  3. Gates and Approval mechanism configured within uDeploy ensuring sequential deployments
  4. Rollback configured within uDeploy as per the applications process.

Solution Benefits:

  1. Improved overall release quality by 60%
  2. Increased deployment frequency by 40%
  3. Reduced software deployment times by 65%

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