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Image of Mr. Amit Bobade, Business Manager at Datamato

Amit Bobade   in   | Director

Amit drives business development and is of the belief that sustaining and nurturing customer relationship is at the crux of adding mutual value and winning continuous business. A good sales strategy is a combination of achieving a set target, without losing sight of the human element of business relationships. Datamato’s values are built on empathy, integrity and trust and these together contribute towards keeping clients happy.
With strengths in sales, business strategy and enterprise account management in IT solutions & services industries, Amit’s professional experience of 8+ years has seen him grow as a key planner. He has proven abilities in designing strategies to augment businesses, promote business excellence solutions and achieve revenue and growth in highly competitive environments. Amit has honed his skills from the ground up, working in diverse roles, across businesses, working with IBM solutions across verticals. He has the unique ability to envisage new business opportunities, give critical insights into devising new solutions and maximising customer acquisitions. Amit has constantly held the sales portfolio across companies, has in-depth knowledge of client database management, reporting and analysis. He manages key business accounts, develops growth strategies and providing enterprise solutions to vertical domains like BFSI, IT/ITES, manufacturing, SMB’s, govt. and defence institutions.
Amit constantly strives to take his colleagues and clients on his journey of growth and learning, mentoring and advising with a keen personal interest. He practices his own learning, using inter-personal communication to build on connections with employees within the company and clients outside of it.
Amit has a post graduate degree in Marketing from MITSOB, Pune. He has won the IBM Rational Top Gun Award at Bangkok, and the Best IBM DevOps seller in 2014. Amit loves to travel and enjoys good food.

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