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Datamto DevOps Banking & Finance Sector Case Study

Renowned Large Indian Bank

The Bank, known for its broad range of services and one of the largest financial institutions in India, was looking to reduce its development release cycle for its critical retail applications and be able to provide more benefits to banking customers. Datamato got engaged with the bank to understand the bottle necks within the bank’s development process and came up with a strategic DevOps process ensuring not much of re-tooling is done ensuring cost-effective implementation.

Business Needs/Pain-Points :

  1. 100 % time consuming manual deployment
  2. Manual transfers of files from vendor location to Bank’s FTP needed continuous co-ordination
  3. Deployment requests are not prioritized causing delayed deployments impacting the release cycle.
  4. Adhoc deployment requests creating a chaos in the deployment process
  5. Frequent broken deployments
  6. Deployment of wrong version of the build

Solution Components

  1. Datamato developed a plugin for Siebel CRM achieving 100% automation.
  2. Created utility components to map with the legacy applications deployment process
  3. Gates and Approval mechanism configured within uDeploy ensuring sequential deployments
  4. Rollback configured within uDeploy as per the applications process.

Solution Benefits:

  1. Improved overall release quality by 60%
  2. Increased deployment frequency by 40%
  3. Reduced software deployment times by 65%

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