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Requirements Management

What is Requirement Management and its severity in Project Management?

Requirement Management is the process of documenting, analysing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling and communicating the change to stakeholders. Any Project Management Model, be it Waterfall or Agile, Requirement Management plays a vital role and is first step towards designing. Unfocused approach can have adverse effects on investments, time and cost. In fact, as Christopher Lindquist states in CIO Magazine, “Fixing the requirement management mess”, “As many as 71% of software projects that fail do so because of poor requirements management”

Why are Tools efficient over Manual Process?

At DATAMATO, we believe in optimizing the process irrespective of approaches catered too. Our Team has worked hard to explore and collate every benefit of Tools over Manual. The major problem faced by Organizations in today’s fast paced environment is reach market / customer faster and with quality products. To answer these demands, tools are proven resort over Manual approach, which are time taking and have handling and tracing issues. IBM Rational Doors family is one of them. These tools are well renowned and appreciated across industries for Requirement Management. They are designed on OSLC Platform which does not restricts you from using current on-hand tools, as OSLC allows to integrate with various third-party applications. IBM Rational Doors family includes:

  • IBM Rational Doors
  • IBM Rational Doors Next Generation
  • IBM Rational Doors Web Access.

Where is Requirement Management important and Who should focus towards it?

Requirement management is applicable from your daily life to highly complex product designs. Be it a E-Commerce, IT & ITES, Aerospace, Manufacturing / Automobile or Hospitality, Pharma, BFSI, all have collated requirements in one or the other way. Organizations addressing Quality, Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction should keep Requirement Management on topmost priority. Forward and Backward traceability eases the efforts delivered in Projects (meaning less re-work) and provision teams to track the progress (increased organization velocity on changing design), reducing grey areas of errors (reduced testing cycles). Through Requirement Management, you can Communicate, Collaborate and Validate.

Since my Requirements are complex from others, how these tools will benefit me?

DATAMATO is aware of these questions in your mind and understand importance of investment of Project Management, hence we initially consult and speak to you, prior to proposing IBM Doors family. Understand best fit scenarios including customization and handholding of the teams. After assessments of your environment, we talk of tools. So, no worries of ad-hoc procurement and risk of investment. DATAMATO assures you of Return On Investment (ROI) you will make.

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