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Datamato Test Management

Test Management

Describe Test Management and Why to use it?

Test Management manages testing lifecycle of project. It includes various phases such as Planning, Execution, Tracking, and Reporting. It gives teams the ability to allocate tests, track test execution and manage distributed teams and improves productivity throughout the testing process.
Test Management helps QA leads, project managers and business analysts a comprehensive view into all the test activities and test results for the application. It also enables them to track and trace the defects or errors as and when required. They can also be linked to requirements of back traceability.

Is Test Management for me and How can I utilize it?

Test Management is not only for Quality Team but also for Project Managers, Business Analysts and Developers. Whether it is a prototype or a full fledge project, it must undergo Testing phase before entering the market and hence Test Management comes with its advantages. Irrespective of Team size, project complexities and budgets, rigorous testing is a critical and so is test management.

Why tools for Test Management and Why IBM Rational Quality Manager?

Test management is the process of managing tests. A test management tool is used by Quality Assurance team to manage the test activity, resource and make system more partial. Manual process can be cumbersome and error prone and so automatic execution is preferred. Advantages of Test Management tools:

  • Powerful, configurable and easy to use
  • Reduces human interventions and can be customized easily
  • Consistent test runs and results
  • Traceability, productivity, status and regression reports
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams can manage entire testing process.

IBM Rational Quality Manager is renowned tools and comes with huge list of use cases for multiple industries. It helps create plan area, plan test plans, construct test cases, scripts and suite. RQM helps QA teams:

  • Collaborate : Synchronize the entire project team with seamless communication about project status.
  • Automate: Cut short human efforts and automate executions.
  • Govern: Generate reports of complete project metrics to enable exact results.

How can I implement Test Management?

DATAMATO has helped various organizations from multiple sectors implement Test Management. We consult, understand your expectations and then implement the tool. Introduce tool into process and handhold teams to perfection has been our key strategy so that you start feeling Return on Investment from early stages.

Give us the opportunity to share instances similar to your industry who have accepted and implemented Test management and now appreciating the value add to their environment.


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