Secure, protect your applications and data before it hits the production world.

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Combine Development, Operations and Information Security as a single workflow and be securely responsive to the business world.

Description in detail about the service(DevOps) and how it helps the businesses we are targeting

SecOps is all about identifying Security incidents, responding to those incidents, working on vulnerability response and threat intelligence. It is also to help you automatically identify and prioritize incidents to act on them immediately and avoid any service disruptions or potential failures.
Like DevOps, SecOps is a culture that encourages greater levels of collaboration among software/solution architects, developers, testers, and those responsible for security. This team is able to consider security threats during the entire development cycle and how these threats could affect both the software and the users that might encounter them.

Description in detail about the service(DevOps) and how it helps the businesses we are targeting

Say bye to those longer delivery times! Datamato is here to assist you with introducing best practices for security and deployments, as well as enabling continuous monitoring of your production environment.  Our team of stellar DevOps experts make your production environment more stable and faster, as well as capable of performing many deployments without generating any interruptions throughout the day.

Our SecOps capabilities

Extend Operations Processes to Support Security

First we need to understand that Ops is about provisioning infrastructure for different environments i.e., Dev, Staging, Pre-Prod, Production etc., deployment applications, monitoring etc., based on which the entire IT works. Ops has a touch point or impact on every IT resource and asset of the organization.

Craft Processes that work for end-to-end IT Infrastructure

SecOps should strive to bring in process that will work across the organizations IT Infrastructure. To do this using automation there is a choice of using multiple tools in the entire chain, but having a single, unified process tool chain will surely keep SecOps streamlined.

Address the Entire Application Delivery Pipeline

Traditionally security teams tend to focus only on the operations or production environment. This aspect will bring in more vulnerabilities in production and this is too late.
SecOps processes should also be able to mitigate security threats across the software delivery pipeline

Some of our customers - case studies

Our partnerships with leading Enterprise Solution Providers add to our expertise and superior system integration capabilities.

DevOps Automation reduces TAT of Manufacturing company by 65%

A leading technology company wanted to use an end-to-end DevOps methodology for their product launches. Their product is a proprietary software tool suite for electronic design automation, which is used to develop schematics for printed circuit board manufacture.

John Duo
Software Developer


  • Overall 65% reduction in Application Release Deployment, facilitating quicker Time to Market.
  • 60% reduction in patch time
  • 75% reduction in time spent on maintenance and admin tasks

Business problem

For the client, the entire process of developing and releasing software was manual, error-prone, and time-consuming. Just scheduled software updates and Windows OS fixes required longer communication between internal teams. Application Deployment took 3-4 hours on 4-5 servers, and patching required a minimum of 4-5 hours downtime per schedule. This made scaling deployment difficult.


To serve the Customer's needs for broad cloud compatibility, the team chose the Drone CI platform for the CI/CD workflow, which leverages delivery protocols suitable for most cloud platforms. Every pipeline followed a conventional Gitflow branching strategy, with each pipeline step running in its own AWS-hosted Docker image to maximise fault isolation and prevent them from interfering.

CI/CD facilitates 30% cost reduction in manual tasks for a retail solution platform

The client is a North American startup that provides an innovative digital signage device for smart retail and entertainment that includes both hardware and software. It allows visitors to shopping and recreational venues to engage in interactive dialogue.
John Duo
Software Developer


  • Pipelines for delivering code ensure that it is delivered on time.
  • The ability to deploy their SaaS tool for digital signage solutions across AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and GCP on-demand, allowing them to reach a wider market and attract new investors.

Business problem

The client needed to launch their product in various regional markets at the same time and on a tight timeline. They also required the SaaS component of the product to be deployed to their local cloud platforms.


Datamato experts leveraged their subject-matter expertise of AWS CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CloudFormation, System Managers, and EC2 to deploy applications on cloud. To make continuous monitoring of Windows OS fixes and scheduled software updates, we used lambda functions and let teams work on them effortlessly. We also used Amazon RDS to help the organisation to operate and scale its database deployments.

Description in detail about the service(DevOps) and how it helps the businesses we are targeting

Description in detail about the service(DevOps) and how it helps the businesses we are targeting

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